Addicted in Afghanistan

An intimate observational documentary that explores the heartbreaking reality behind the headlines as seen through the eyes of Jabar & Zahir, two 15 year old drug addicts living in Kabul.


Afghanistan is a country devastated by the horrors of war, crime, violence and poverty.  It is also a country blighted with the cultivation and supply of opium.  Although it is estimated that 95% of all heroin on the streets of the UK & Europe comes from Afghanistan, few talk of the drugs that stay within the country and the devastating effects it is having on its children – the youth & future of Afghanistan.  After the so-called “War on Terror”and the fall of the Taliban, what future is there for the next generation?  Jabar and Zahir are two 15 year old friends, whose own sisters, mothers and fathers are also addicted to heroin and opium.


“Riveting”  – Talha Burki, The Lancet

“A powerful & emotional film.”  Film Critic Karl French.

“A heartbreaking glimpse into the daily life of Afghani children who are addicted to drugs” – IDFA Programmer

“Director Jawed Taiman deftly illustrates the vicious cycle of addiction and the devastation it wreaks on families. Thank god for this kind of insightful, courageous filmmaking. This is a story that doesn’t get on the news every night. But it bloody well should.”  Hussain Currimbhoy, Sheffield Doc/Fest Programmer

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